Unique designs, effective strategies, and top-rated professionals make our Flock of Internet Marketing "Design Smiths" the best in Virginia. Created by Amanda Smith to offer opportunity for other small businesses in the area to present a truly professional online presence after realizing how few local designers could produce her level of work.


Self-taught, she learned everything from the bottom up instead of what a teacher thought was important. Her mother is a Programming Specialist and has been since before schools even offered programming classes. So from a very young age, Amanda had the professional tools available to her to gain the skills and abilities to become the Internet Authority she is today.


With natural Marketing talent and an eye for Design, she finally opened her doors in 2003, but things rarely go as planned. Instead of offering her services to many of the small businesses throughout the area as she planned. Her schedule suddenly got filled with full-time hours, all for the same few clients, and to make matters worse, they were all large corporations instead of the small businesses she started out to help. 


She built this site and joined forces with some incredible talent in her network, and the Flock was born! Darryl was first to come, bringing his amazing writing abilities, strong work ethic, and a much-needed sense of humor to the company. A fantastic asset to any business, we were finally becoming a team.


Soon after, another amazing person was added to the Flock. Jenn Daily has a long list of accomplishments in the technology field dating back almost 40 years. Another vital piece to the Smith & Associates Designs puzzle. 


We are also very blessed to have wonderful design partners throughout Hampton Roads to collaborate, sub-contract, and refer back and forth with. No matter the challenge, our Flock of Design Smiths have the knowledge, skills, and resources to ensure it gets done! 




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