For the DIY Small Business Owner who wants the benefit of an executive's experience and knowledge without the cost of their salary, our monthly consultant plan is the perfect answer! Our Design Smiths are incredible assets to any company and will guide you through many of the challenges and pitfalls many Small Business Owners will face in the digital age.


From building your own website to ensuring your company is noticed in search results, from finding and using the best software for your business needs to expansion planning. The Design Smiths will be here to help guide you through planning and implementing efficient and effective strategies, procedures, and asset integration.

With the monthly Executive Consultant plan you will gain access to our Member Chat where you can speak to a Design Smith anytime between 5am and 11pm, seven days a week. Your Design Smith will work directly with you on a project, guiding you and offering insights and advice, but is not responsible for implementing any of the plans or projects themselves without a separate project plan in place. If you wish to have a project completed by your Design Smith, that will be billed as a separate project. There are always discounted rates available for clients with monthly subscriptions to our consultation services. This discount is usually based on the amount of knowledge and insights the Design Smith has into the clients company from their previous work together. Therefore, a member who is in regular communication with their Design Smith will need much less coordination between them to understand the project outline, in turn making it easier to accomplish the project's goals and will get a very generous discount. To maintain a cohesive design between each area of your business, we always suggest keeping a steady flow of communication between all of the members of your team, and that includes your Design Smith. Like a clock, with each gear having a specific role, the overall design points each gear in the right direction, and each person should understand their role completely to perform their duties in the best way possible. 


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