So you've decided to hire a professional to take care of your digital needs. I'm sure you've realized that there are so many options out there, but Smith & Associates Designs is the only option with this pricing model, and of course, you have questions.​

We aren't trying to revolutionize the industry, by any means, but what we are trying to do is to make it possible for every Small Business owner to have the ability to hire a professional to build their Brand Image. We want to take the guesswork out of pricing because an hourly rate makes it scary when deciding whom you want to do the work, especially as a low-overhead startup! So our first goal was to nix the whole idea of an hourly rate.

We decided to analyze the average pricing of our work, other's work in the area, and take an honest look at where we stood with our skill levels and experience, then price our work accordingly. Based on the level of work we do, a Basic Website without any of the bells or whistles would cost about $750 in Hampton Roads, so we charge $600. We also offer a Discount Program, a Sponsorship Program, and our Flock Members get Coupon Codes in their monthly Newsletter because we really do want to help the true Small Businesses & Mom & Pop Shops. ​

That's Cool and all, but What Comes After Purchase?

Now you've found what you need in our Service Menu, the price is right, and you love the work we do, so you make that purchase. Within three hours, your personal Design Smith will be assigned and will contact you by eMail to get started. The first communication is always by eMail because we want you to have everything you will need throughout the project, all in one place. Your initial eMail will tell you who your Design Smith will be, how to contact them and how to book your consultation, your purchase confirmation, and your Project Outline. Make sure you check your Spam folder if you haven't added to your contact list.


Your Project Outline is a vital document that is for you to fill out. Take your time to answer each and every question because it is what your Design Smith will base your Digital Product Design on. It will ask you about your business, your wants, and needs for the project, and your inspiration. Once you're finished with your Project Outline and you send it back, you will set an appointment for your Virtual Consultation. You can have an In-Person Consultation, but this does cost extra, while the Virtual Consultation is free. 


Once your Project Outline is complete and you've had your Consultation, your Design Smith can begin working on your service item! There will be a specific timeline that is dependant on the size and scale of your project. At certain points in your project's timeline, your Design Smith will contact you for approval to move on. When your Design Smith contacts you, you will get the latest version of their work. This is the time to think about any changes that you want to be made to your project. Make a list or add images, just make sure to let your Design Smith know everything you want to be edited at these specific timeslots. You can take all the time you need, you have already paid for your service item and it will not expire, so really make sure you are getting what you want. We want you to love the final outcome, and these are the only times you have for requesting your edits. 


Finally, your project will come to you for the final approval! Since you have already paid for your service item, you will simply get your final product. No invoices, no realization that the cost went up, you just get your final piece. Graphics will come to you in the sizes and resolutions you need, Websites will be published, and documents will be formatted and sent to in in PDF form (or whatever format you requested). 

What are the Service Limits?

Because we don't charge by the hour, there are some limits we must set on our services. We only accept edit requests at specific points during the Project Timeline. Your Design Smith will contact you at these points and ask you for approval to move on. If you are happy with everything so far, simply approve, but if you want changes to be made, this is the time to tell your Design Smith.  


We do this because we can't have a client continuously changing their minds. We really want you to be happy, but we are professionals who are trying to make the process as simple as possible for everyone involved, and a limit on edits is one way we do that.