We have an all-star flock of Design Smiths here at Smith & Associates Designs, each individual bringing their own brand of amazing to our company. We are so blessed to have the knowledge, talent, ambition, and love for the brand from these incredible people, without which, we couldn't accomplish all of the amazing things we accomplish here every day. These people are absolutely vital to our company's success, the movers and the shakers of Smith & Associates Designs.

Amanda Smith

Chief Operations Officer
Art Director

Amanda started Smith & Associates Designs and still is the main Design Smith, working hard on each and every project to ensure the Design Smiths always maintain their reputation of unique, effective designs and top quality functionality and effectiveness. With an eye for design and incredible attention to detail, she is in the role of Art Director and responsible for the visual designs of most everything. 

Darryl Clanton

Chief Financial Officer
Content Director

Darryl is a songwriter who assists the Design Smiths with large Content Creation projects, using his incredible skills as a writer to send the right message to its viewers. Another vital part of the Flock, Darryl also puts his skills and knowledge towards his role as the CFO. 

Jenn Daily

Chief Technology Officer
Director of Engineering

As Amanda's Mentor and a veteran in the tech Industry, Jenn is an incredible asset to any team. Although Jenn isn't a full-time associate, she is a vital part of the Design Smith's success, always available to ensure the tech side of every project is perfect. As the director of Engineering, she guides team members on the most effective strategies of development, always ready to jump in and get hands-on with any complex issues we might come acorss.


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