Basic Website


What this Includes :

  • Desktop and Mobile versions of site
  • Consistent Header and Footer throughout site
  • Desktop and Mobile Site Menu
  • Homepage
    • Banner
    • Three Paragraphs of Text
    • Image
    • Featured Categories
  • About Us
    • Category Banner
    • Five Papagraphs of Text
    • Up to 5 Image(s)
  • Product or Service Information
    • 5 Paragraphs of Text
    • Up to Five Images
  • Landing Page for Updatable Content such as Sales, Events, etc.
  • Blog
  • Testimonials / Reviews
  • Contact Us Page
    • Category Banner
    • Contact Information
    • Sign Up Form (Optional)
    • Location on Map (Optional)
  • Effective SEO Content
  • One Year of Domain and Server Use
  • Up to 5 Edits
  • What happens next?

    1. You will receive an email containing everything you will need to get started. 
    2. Fill out the Project Outline Form
      1. We suggest taking your time to fill this out so you can give us the best information possible about your needs and inspiration.
    3. Gather any images, texts, etc. that will be useful in showing us what you are looking for.
    4. Email everything to your Design Smith
    5. The Design Smith that is assigned to your project will contact you throughout your project at specific points for approval.
      1. We suggest taking your time to look over your project so far and take notes on any changes you want to be made. There are a limited number of edits you are allowed for the set cost, so make the best of them and have as many changes together at one time as possible to be contained in a single edit.
    6. Once your final approval has been given, the completed project will become available to you.
      1. Graphics will be highest quality
      2. Websites will be published
      3. etc.
  • Service Limits

    Because we offer a one time fee for our services and don't charge by the hour, we can't spend a multitude of time on any one project. Please take the time to complete the Project Outline before we begin the project so we can best depict the image you want.


    We will contact you at key points throughout the project to get approval to move forward. We really suggest that you wait until these specific times to decide what edits you want so we can do them all as one edit. When we contact you for approval, we suggest that you take your time, go through everything that has been completed, and make a detailed list of what you would like to see changed.


    Images, screenshots, and any other attachment to help show what you are trying to accomplish will make the process that much easier for us all to be happy with the end result. This list and attachments will count as one edit, so it really is best to be prepared before we start the project, and be patient while we are completing it.


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